Media Contacts:

Tracey Bernett (720) 323-2256

Abby Driscoll (720) 491-9065 

Longmont, CO July 1, 2020— Tracey Bernett won the Democratic Primary for Colorado House District 12. As of the vote count published just before 1 a.m., Mrs. Bernett received 14,740 votes. Mrs. Bernett will face Republican Eric Davila in the general election on November 3rd.

“Thank you to the voters of House District 12 for electing me as the Democratic candidate for State Representative. I am excited to work hard to strengthen the Democratic Party in Colorado on Nov. 3rd. There is so much at stake. Colorado is facing a pandemic and an economic downturn that is leaving working families struggling to make ends meet. In the midst of necessary and difficult budget cuts, we must combat injustice at every turn, and stand up for the most vulnerable in our community. My three priorities are environment, education, and equity. 


  • We must protect the environment for future generations. We need bold policies to combat the threats that the climate crisis is bringing to our communities. I’m committed to a just transition to a clean energy future powered by green jobs that help workers and the planet.  


  • We need to massively improve education in Colorado so that every child has a fair shot to succeed. That means grappling with the constraints of TABOR head-on and investing in teachers.


  • We must work actively to unweave systems of racial injustice. That means meaningful criminal justice system reform at the state and local level. We must expand worker protections and access to affordable housing and health care options so that everyone in Colorado has the opportunity to thrive. 

I look forward to getting on the virtual campaign trail this summer onto November 3rd. Join me in this fight. Visit for more information or to get involved in my campaign.” said Bernett.