Solving the climate crisis is personal to Tracey. She’s standing up to polluters and helping move everyone to a fossil-free future.

This issue is personal to me. I can’t tell you the toll it takes on a mother to bring their child to the ER because poor air quality is causing an asthma attack. The Marshall Fire has demonstrated that no one is immune to the threats that climate change brings to our daily lives. We need bold policies to decarbonize every sector of our society, build more climate resilience and help everyone transition to a sustainable future. I want to continue my work to wean Coloradans off fracked gas, expand infrastructure to support electric vehicles, green buildings, and renewable energy, and hold oil and gas accountable for the full costs they cause to our environment and health.


Creating the leaders of the 21st century requires a leader willing to take on threats to public education.

Like many parents across Colorado, I’m worried about the steps Republicans in our legislature and across the country are taking to limit students’ ability to receive a well-rounded education. . While fighting these efforts to harm public education, class sizes remain too large, and teachers aren’t getting paid enough. I’m running for re-election to bring a perspective to the State Capitol that unites our state to take on these tasks so our children can get the education they deserve.


Working families are feeling the squeeze on their pocketbooks across Colorado. Tracey’s fighting for them.

Whether it’s gaps in access to healthcare, gender pay, high-quality education, or affordable housing, issues caused by inequities are hurting Colorado families. These issues aren’t solved on their own and I’ve spent my last term addressing inequities throughout our state. I want to be a voice for people who don’t have a voice. That’s why I’ve been working to reduce costs so more families don’t have to choose between their bills and their healthcare.


House Bills


Electric Grid Resilience & Reliability Roadmap

This microgrid roadmap takes a strategic approach to determining how microgrids can enhance Colorado’s electric grid resiliency and reliability in the most cost-effective and impactful way, paving the way to leverage millions of dollars in federal funding in grid resiliency. Learn more here.






Building Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This bill will update Colorado’s building codes to improve energy efficiency, save Coloradans money, and reduce harmful indoor and outdoor air pollution. Learn more here.






Definition of a Pawnbroker

This bill modernizes statute for businesses selling previously owned merchandise and allows them to quickly turn around a sale, giving small businesses more autonomy and the ability to stay local, boosting Colorado’s economy. Learn more here.






Public School Contract Terms & Conditions

This important, bipartisan bill streamlines negotiations with third-party vendors, saves schools time and money, and protects student data privacy. Learn more here.






Public Safety Communications Transfer

This bill creates the Office of Public Safety and transfers responsibility for public safety communications technology from the Office of Information Technology to the Office of Public Safety. This will improve the ability of federal, state, and local public safety agencies to communicate with each other during natural disasters and other incidents impacting public safety. Learn more here.



Senate Bills


Residence of Voter Whose Home is Destroyed

Allows voters who lost their homes due to disasters like the Marshall Fire to continue to have a voice in their community by allowing them to use the address of the residence for the purpose of voting. Learn more here.





Procurement of Information Technology Resources

This bipartisan Joint Technology Committee bill improves the process for procuring state information technology resources, saving the state money and reducing the risk of cybersecurity attacks. Learn more here.





Release Deed of Trust Without Evidence of Debt

This bill creates a low cost option to enable a release of Deed of Trust if the original evidence of debt documents is destroyed or lost. This bill was created in response to the Marshall Fire and will help those affected. Learn more here.






Creation of Colorado Workforce Housing Trust Authority

This bill fosters the development of affordable rental housing projects for middle income residents, making Colorado more affordable. Learn more here.

2021 Bills

House Bills


Global Warming Potential for Public Project Materials

This bill develops policies for companies involved in constructing public projects to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions associated with manufacturing concrete, steel, and other building and transportation materials. Learn more here.





Public Utilities Commission Modernize Gas Utility Demand-side Management Standards

This bill focuses on gas energy efficiency and fostering transition to clean heat technologies, helping Colorado reach its greenhouse gas reduction goals. This bill is expected to save Coloradans an estimated $600-$700 Million over the next 10 years. Learn more here.





Adoptive Parents Payments to Outside Providers

This bill allows parents of special needs children adopted out of foster care to pay out of pocket for additional therapy their children would benefit from. Learn more here.






Update Division Housing Function & Local Development

This bill improves the energy efficiency of affordable housing developments. Learn more here.



Senate Bills


Measures to Modernize the Public Utilities Commission

This bill funds the PUC’s work on many environmental bills as well as drives equitable investment and significant resources for Colorado’s disproportionately impacted communities. Learn more here.





Adopt Programs Reduce Greenhouse Gas Utilities

My bill requires utilities to develop Clean Heat Plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enables natural gas utilities to use new emission reduction technologies in buildings. Learn more here.




Stimulus Funding Department of Agriculture Efficiency Programs

This bill helps farmers and ranchers improve the energy efficiency of their operations and fosters renewable energy, soil health, and agrivoltaics. Learn more here.






Transfer to Colorado Energy Office Fund

This bill finances clean energy and energy efficiency projects throughout Colorado. Learn more here.







Statewide Internet Portal Authority Competitive Solicitation Method

This bill expands competitive solicitation options to create a statewide internet portal. Learn more here.






Public Utilities Commission Gas Utility Safety Inspection Authority

This bill strengthens safety regulations for natural gas pipeline utilities, including penalties for safety violations. Learn more here.