Tracey’s Story

A mom, entrepreneur, and community leader.

A lifelong Democrat and progressive, Tracey Bernett is a computer industry expert, entrepreneur, engineer and mom from Longmont. Tracey received an engineering degree from Cornell University and a Harvard MBA. She helped lead the effort to revitalize the Butterfly Pavilion. Tracey also led the OUR Center’s homelessness prevention efforts during the Great Recession, helping more than 16,000 area families get back on their feet. As a world class runner and veteran of 36 marathons, Tracey knows it takes hard work, perseverance and determination to build the world we progressives want to see. She’ll carry our progressive values forward in the State House.



Solving the climate crisis is personal to Tracey, and she’s ready to stand up to the oil and gas industry on day one as State Representative.

This issue is personal to me. I can’t tell you the toll it takes on a mother to bring their child to the ER because poor air quality is causing an asthma attack. We need bold policies to combat the threats that the climate crisis is bringing to our communities. I support carbon fee and dividend proposals, incentivizing affordable electric vehicles, holding oil and gas accountable for the full costs they cause to our environment and health, and requiring 24/7 air-quality monitoring at all drilling sites (paid for by the industry and monitored by state professionals).


Creating the leaders of the 21st century is going to require a leader willing to take the lead on ending TABOR.

Like many parents across Colorado, I know all too well the burdens that TABOR is putting on our classrooms. Class sizes are too large, and teachers aren’t getting paid enough. Teachers need to be unshackled from ineffective and onerous accountability and testing requirements. We need to bring a nonpolitician’s perspective to the State Capitol that unites our state together to take on these tasks so our children can get the education they deserve.


Working families are feeling the squeeze on their pocketbooks across Colorado. Tracey’s ready to fight for them.

Whether it’s gaps in access to healthcare, gender pay, high-quality education, or affordable housing, issues caused by inequities are hurting Colorado families. These issues aren’t solved on their own and our legislature needs to take the lead in addressing inequities throughout our state. I want to be a voice for people who don’t have a voice. That’s why I’m ready to fight for a public healthcare option so more families don’t have to choose between their bills and their healthcare.